Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meet the new "Welfare Queens"

With the invention of Ronnie Raygun's mythical "welfare queen", the modern right began to turn the tide of the class war in their favor. Part racist dog whistle, (look up Nixon's "Southern Strategy") and part gender resentment, the myth of the welfare queen played on the fears of white blue collar workers who were beginning to feel the foundations of their insular world crumble in a stagnant economy.
The zombie soldiers of Raygun's legacy continue to beat this dead horse to frightening effect, now threatening to reduce or eliminate Social Security, and demanding other austerity measures to reign in the deficit. Fed on a steady diet of Very Serious People telling them from every TV and radio that taxes "kill" jobs and that their taxes are wasted by a spendthrift Government hellbent on "wealth re-distribution", Ronnie's Zombie Minions have gutted national , state and local coffers, leading to a feedback loop of ineffective government followed by cries of "Government is ineffective!", followed by more anti-tax bullshit ad nauseum. Which brings us to Today's Welfare Queens. First, here is what they look like:

God fearing Real Amurcans in the red states receive more funding from the Federal Government than they contribute, and their anti tax life style is subsidized by the Amurca hating closet Muslims in the blue states. This article from Slate lays out the numbers:

The 28 states where George W. Bush won more than 50 percent of the vote in 2004 received an average of $1.32 for every dollar contributed. The 19 states where Bush received less than 50 percent of the vote collected 93 cents on the dollar.
Makes you wonder what the fuck they are complaining about, doesn't it? But more importantly, it points up the rank hypocrisy of the modern conservative movement. After all, if their feudal  trickle down economic mumbo jumbo had any real world validity, then those numbers would be reversed - red states would have thriving, growing economies with large tax bases, and people would be relocating from San Francisco and New York to Birmingham and Tulsa to find work. Wall Street would move to Tupelo. Can anyone tell us why that isn't happening?

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