Saturday, December 18, 2010

Too busy

It is the busiest time of year for me, so I haven't had time to post as much. In the meantime, think about the fact that we live in a nation where the minority rules, as long as that minority is right wing. Two years of an alleged "liberal" majority in the House and the Senate produced exactly what it would have if we had just let little George stay on. The wealthy are wealthier and President Punk Ass Bitch even managed to move closer to the fascist wet dream of shutting down Social Security. Hooray for liberalism. On the local level, down in Olympia it now takes 66% to raise revenue and only 33% to destroy every worthwhile program in the state. How 'bout an initiative to make it necessary to have a 2/3 majority to cut spending? Your average liberal would find that too... antagonistic,  I'm sure. But then, your average liberal doesn't seem to mind too much being tied to the rack and anally raped by Torquemada, as long they can all act civil towards each other between sessions.

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