Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some Light Reading

As the War On Working People heats up, it is essential one stays informed.
"First Amendment Remedies" sums up how working people are taking back their constitutional rights
"America the Baroque" examines similarities between modern America and 17th century Spain
"Bringing Home 150 Troops" puts Wisconsin's budget "crisis" in perspective vis a vis how much we waste daily in Afghanistan
"12 Things You Need To Know" lays out the lies surrounding Wisconsin's ginned up faux budget crisis.
"Egypt, Wisconsin and the Future of  Democracy" lays out the a global perspective.
Truthout has an article on the upcoming protests planned for February 26th
How to plan a "U.S. Uncut action on the 26th, from The Nation 
 Governor Scott's wingnut history is long and well documented

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