Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If I weren't sick...

This is the message I would take to today's GA at occupy Seattle:

Just. Move.To. City. Hall.
Right now, you are allowing yourselves to be played by the system. What is important is the occupation itself, not so much the ground upon which the occupation takes place. (Although that is important, too) You are allowing the system to create divisions and rend you apart. You are, in effect, doing their work for them. Move to city hall, put up tents and refuse to move them. Read the Los Angeles city council's three page proclamation of support to every camera. Take over the city council chamber and read it there. Make everyone aware that in LA, the mayor and the council are behind the occupation 100%
Plan an effective action for everyday. Use all those internet skills to find out about every bankers meeting, every politician coming to town, every stockholders meeting, etc. and disrupt it. then reconvene at base camp fo rthe GA and plan what to disrupt/shut down the next day. March to colleges and hold rallies about student debt. Find a family facing foreclosure and keep them from being evicted. Find a family that is being refused insurance coverage that will save a life, and occupy the insurance company offices in support. Plan actions that matter. Stop trying to get arrested just for the fuck of it. Get arrested for something that matters. (Like preventing a family from being evicted.)
Quit bickering about here, or there. Quit destroying yourselves in service of the masters.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be well enough to attend the GA, if they don't self destruct tonight.

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