Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reflections on St. Louis

Last night, The Mayor of St. Louis ordered the eviction of Occupy St. Louis from Keiner Plaza. This story has, of course, played out in many other American and European cities. However, look at the two pictures below:

Do you notice anything different from the pictures you've seen from other cities? NO RIOT GEAR. Hell, these cops aren't even wearing helmets. No batons, no pepper spray, no concussion grenades... just their standard issue police uniforms. They aren't even standing in a defensive position - in the bottom photo, one of them has his hands in his pockets. Now, look at the picture below:
If you want to know who's looking for a riot, look who came dressed for one.

I don't know where the above picture was taken, but it doesn't matter - In Oakland, that is how they came to clear Oscar Grant Plaza. In Seattle, that is how they came when we protested Jamie Dimon at The Sheraton. In Paris, that is how they came to clear the plaza at La Grande Arche de la Defense.

The cops are the rioters - they are the instigators. The state is the source of violence. Everytime...

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