Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unreported rage sweeping Europe...

Protests are building across Europe as people become more and more disillusioned with the status quo. Not that you would hear about such things in the American 'media'.
In Spain:
Dubbed "los indignados" (the indignant), tens of thousands of demonstrators packed squares across Spain in a wave of outrage over high unemployment and government austerity measures in the runup to local and regional elections on May 22.
In Greece:

On Monday about 30 tents were laid out in Athens' central square, as part of a daily gathering that kicked off last Wednesday and which is seen less politically motivated than traditional protest rallies called on by labour unions.
"Finally, it was time we woke up from the lethargy. We feel the need to step forward, to state our disappointment, our disgust, our anger and end any kind of tolerance against all those who bear the responsibility," a movement called "The Indignant Citizens" wrote on a blog.
In France:
...riot police cleared out the Place de la Bastille on Sunday evening after hundreds of protesters gathered on the steps of a popular opera house there. Protesters estimated the turnout at over 1,000 and cited several arrests as well as some injured. Police said around 500 people had shown up.
"We started these spontaneous gatherings around 10 days ago and they are growing," said one protester, who asked not to be named. "At first we were just a few and now hundreds are showing up every day, with big spikes on the weekend.

Rebellion is good. Rebellion is necessary.  When do we rebel here? Let's hit the streets, people!

Rise - Flobots

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