Thursday, June 2, 2011

What middle class? Where?

From one of my favorite little bogs, mockpaperscissors, comes this little tidbit: Madison Ave. Declares ‘Mass Affluence’ Over Yes, Madison Ave. has read the writing on the wall and declared that only the ultra-rich have enough money to purchase things, so henceforth advertising directed at the average (former) consumer is a waste.

Also in today's media perusals I ran across this article from Forbes magazine:
How Our Largest Corporations Made $170 Billion During Great Recession And Paid No Taxes

Today, and not a moment too soon, the non-profit Citizens For Tax Justice (CTJ) has put out their findings revealing that twelve of the nations largest Fortune 500 companies, while making $170 billion in profits during the period of The Great Recession, paid an effective tax rate of negative 1.5%.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Which brings us around to today's musical selection:

Gang of Four - To Hell With Poverty

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